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Networking/IT Security

Networking is the basis of Internet. Internet wouldn’t have been possible without networking. We provide one of the best and secure network solutions for Organizations and Individuals. We tend to focus more on security as recents polls had shown how serious the vulnerabilities in the internet are been exploited by cyber criminals. They are now one of the top on FBI most wanted list.

Cloud computing

Buying hardware/server to store information for multiple users might be too expensive, increase bandwidth consumption and not secure. We provide a cloud service that make organizations store their information securely and make it accessible to authorized users. This reduce the cost of purchasing servers, reduce network overhead and make sensitive information secure and easily accessible  to authorized users.

Hardware Sales, Repair and maintenance 

We sell all kinds of hardwares ranging from Laptops, Printers Scanners. We also maintain and repair hardware devices. Our experts are always available to help with any issues.


Mobile Security

The number of new Mobile malware increased by 54 percent in 2017. This shows how attackers have been focusing on mobile device as users are often caught unaware in most cases. We provide a sophisticated mobile device security that ensures the safe use of mobile device without any intrusion.

E-Library for schools

In the new world of technology, everything is becoming paperless. An extensive Electronic Library will make it possible for Teachers and students to connect via an interactive app and  have access to all their notes, textbook and other relevant/needed study material. Computerized based exams and Assessment will also be incorporated into the service to make it easy and smooth for teachers and students to conduct assessments and exams.

CCTV installation and monitoring / Home & Company Security

Our sophisticated and hardly detectable cameras gives us the edge in Circuit-Closed Television service which is an essential aspect of security in any organization and now even in homes. We provide a cost effective CCTV service that constantly transmit live feed to a device. The transmission between the devices is secured and recorded, available for reference purposes.

Secure Payment method for small and medium enterprises.

Small and medium enterprises has been the target of attackers recently because they don’t have the financial power to properly secure their network. Information being used on payment devices are mostly the target of cybercriminals as they contain sensitive financial information. We Provide a secure and cost effective payment method that is fast and always online.